Guidance By Emerald

Assisting others to be the best they can be, and helping them achieve their goals!

Guidance By Emerald

Assisting others to be the best they can be, and helping them achieve their goals!


Guidance By Emerald offers two main services that have many topics you have access to and will assist you to continue your path of personal success.

Business, Finance& Independent Living Skills:

Business planning, business organization, employment-ready: interview/resume, improving professional development.

Independent Living Skills: Creating a budget/budget adjustment, knowing how to live within your monthly occurred money. Time Management.

Household Management: Laundry, making a schedule for household responsibilities, knowing how to make a grocery/household shopping list, and shopping frugal.

Intuitive Counseling Sessions have many benefits. With the use of intuition and tools, you will get guidance with any pressing matter and decisions to be made in your business and personal life.

You will learn to overcome fear and anxiety and build self-worth/confidence. You’ll learn techniques that will enable you to recognize, cope, and move forward from traumatic life experiences.

Intuitive counseling will assist you to be the best you can be and open blockages that have been keeping you back from achieving your goals.

About Me

Welcome to Guidance By Emerald! My name is Amy. I am skilled with many years of practice regarding the services I provide. In 2015, I formed a nonprofit that I currently operate and am CEO of. In 2016, I started my own personal business. In 2017, I started my journey to finish my degrees, and currently have one more year, and I will have my Bachelor’s in Business and Entrepreneurship, and two specialized Associates in Project Management and Psychology.

I have been reading tarot for 25 years and with many of those years of practice and study on my own, I decided,last year in 2019, to get my certification in Intuitive Counseling.

With my knowledge base, skills, and experience I will assist people in many aspects of their lives, to help them reach their full potential and achieve their goals.

Guidance By Emerald gives you tools and guidance, that will continue your pathway of success.